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Camino de Celuloide

A Letter From Director od The Way, Emilio Estevez
Hello Fellow Travelers,
Thank you for your kind words and notes of support regarding our film "The Way." We have been test screening the film across the United States and of course, we were excited and honored to be selected for The Toronto Film Festival this past September. The feedback has been encouraging and has given us a sense that there is a real audience out there for movies that celebrate our humanity, our kindness and our faith.

We have received emails from many different countries regarding the release dates both theatrically as well as availability of "The Way" on DVD for purchase. It's difficult to say when the DVD will be in stores, as we believe the film will enjoy a theatrical run before it's available to own in any of the territories we have been getting your wonderful mail from.
This week, we are off to Spain to premiere the film in both Santiago and Madrid. We will celebrate Mass with The Holy Father, Pope Benedict in Santiago de Compostela on November 6th. "The Way" will then premiere in Santiago on November 8th. On November 10th, we will have our Madrid premiere followed by the Spanish national release on November 19th. Both Martin and I will be in Spain to promote the picture in the lead up to the national release.
The next proposed date for theatrical release will be mid-April in the UK. Icon International Entertainment will be distributing in England.
We are currently in negotiations with other international territories regarding release. Please check back on our website and Facebook page, as we will be updating on a more regular basis as we get closer to release.
Back here in the US, we are formulating our plans for an American theatrical release sometime in mid-April as well. Prior to release in early March of 2011, we are planning a nationwide, coast-to-coast "40 States in 40 Days" bus tour to screen the film with follow up Q&A sessions with Martin and I. We would like to invite you to write and tell us about your group, church or college and why we should include it on our Camino pilgrimage across America. We will gladly put you into consideration as we begin our planning. Tell us what type of venue your organization has access to and what screening capabilities (i.e., 35mm projection, BluRay, DVD) are available at those venues.
Thank you so much for your continued interest in "The Way." I can't wait to share our Camino with all of you!
Buen Camino,
Emilio Estevez

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