jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Avisos para Caminantes

A Casa do Raposito de Tracy Saunders

Just to let you all know that A Casa do Raposito (The House of the Little Fox) is finally ready to receive its first pilgrims. Ever since my first Camino in 199, I have dreamed of a place where people could come AFTER they have finished their pilgrimage: a place to rest and reflect before going home.

The experience of the Camino is life changing but many people just get on that plane a bit too quickly and are not ready for the tumult of feelings which overwhelm them when they arrive home.
Some become depressed; some bore their friends and relatives to tears with stories of the Camino; (I am guilty of that: my daughter says I am Camino obsessed!) many just start to plan the next Camino - but how much has been truly learned?
I am a psychotherapist and clinical hypnosis practitioner and the author of Pilgrimage to Heresy and the upcoming St. James; Rooster.
The house of the little Fox is NOT an albergue: it is my private (and only) home near Muxia. It is place of sanctuary in a tiny and very traditional Gallego aldea just 9 klms off the Camino to Muxia along a wonderful waymarked trail which even takes in a beach.
Won't you come and share? All is donativo. Please see my blog page at http://www.pilgrimagetoheresy.blogspot.com/.

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