miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

Avisos para caminantes

Nace una nueva web del Camino



Welcome to you, the pilgrim to be, the pilgrim on the way, and the pilgrim that has already been on a journey of a lifetime!


All the info you'll need for your Camino. The routes, the towns, the accommodations.
Practical information. What to carry? When to go? How to take care of yourself?
Frequently asked questions. Read collected Camino wisdom.


Find your friends. Search for the people with whom you walked the Camino, but couldn't get into contact.
Albums. Browse through other pilgrims' photo galleries.
Stories. Find out what others experienced on the Camino.
Coming soon: Ask for help and things you need.


Camino Planner. Plan your own Camino, and take the itinerary with you as a printable PDF.
Share your albums. Show others what you saw on your Camino.
Share your stories. Let others read your thoughts and experiences gathered along the way.
Coming soon: Show friends and family where you are currently on the road.

You can help...

Others. Add your own information about towns and accommodations. Rate your own accommodation experiences.
The site. You can contribute to the site in many ways: offering the information you have, your pictures, or translations into your own language.
Coming soon: Help pilgrims in need by offering equipment to them.
Coming soon: Help albergues and refugios with donations.

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